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That Friday Feeling

It’s been interesting reflecting on employee engagement lately. A few weeks ago my status on LinkedIn was, “Do you have that Friday feeling? Do your employees have it too?” which was meant to start drawing attention to two things: 1) how engaged a leader is will reflect also in their workforce and 2) reminding leaders …

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Short Termism – The new plague

I wrote about this topic a while back ( . However, after being a full time entrepreneur for these last 2 weeks, I have come to realise how much this way of thinking is conditioned into us. It is almost like a disease that is really hard to cure, unless we do something about it. …

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The problem with authentic leadership

It is the time when people want leaders they can trust. This means leaders who are genuine, human, open, vulnerable and visionary. This all sounds great right? Of course it does! Who wouldn’t follow someone who they could trust and inspired them to a great vision? I know that is what I would love to …

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It’s everywhere!

How many of you have ever looked for a role in OD and have looked at the job description blankly? How many of you have been in a conversation where someone describes themselves as OD and when they get talking about what they are doing you think… hmmm really? How many of you have seen …

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Long Term Thinking: Tips for Practitioners

In my last post I talked about the worrisome plague of short termism, especially in times when organisations are undergoing crisis. Unfortunately, this tendency to focus on “now” doesn’t only affect those undergoing massive change or challenges, but also in day to day operations. Sometimes clients are so busy with their day to day duties …

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Short termism: the disease that plagues organisations

One of my biggest concerns since I started my career was the lack of capability or awareness that organisations have in focusing on the long term. Perhaps, because I come from a developing country, but I have seen how organisations behave in crisis time after time and it never stops to amaze me. As I …

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The Golden Rules of OD

Every discipline has a set of guidelines, rules, values they base themselves on. Think of Medical doctors and their Hippocratic Oath… each discipline has one. ODists although not ever forced to say an Oath live and practice through a set of values which greatly influence the way they approach their work. These are OD’s Golden …

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Welcome to my blog – Sustainable OD

First of all welcome to this blog! This blog is dedicated to the field of Organisation Development (OD for short). As a practitioner I will be picking one topic a month to blog on and share with you my thoughts, concerns, and experiences in this field. I will also explore some theories I have found …

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