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I get paid to write

Yep, I had this realisation this week. I never really thought writing was a gift of mine, despite the fact I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager. For me it has always been something so personal, an outlet a way to digest my thoughts, my ideas and what I believe in. I started blogs because I wanted a safe space where I could write about my life, my idea of what work should be, and at one point because I thought it would be a good way to share my journey building my online business. However, for that I have found video and pictures much more of a storytelling tool!

I once started writing my own film but very quickly lost faith as I couldn’t see how I could weave more words and thoughts and ideas to last for a longer while. Over the last year it has been in my head more and more so I retook the script and have been writing it ever since. For me once more a way to let the world know how I experienced and live the world.

However as I do it all for me I never expected to find myself being paid… I mean I have dreamt of publishing my poetry one day, or having my film made, but never did I think people really loved the way I get words across a page. Until last week it hit me… I am working on an amazing contract helping an organisation integrate and working on helping them find their new identity, culture and way of being. I work in a communications team and get to write content, correct and help with the tone of other content, and generally make sure we are creating dialogue and engagement and reflect the organisation as it wants to be. I spent all of last week writing and helping draft different pieces of copy and as I sat in front of my computer a particular fun one, I realised, oh wow, I really enjoy this and I’m getting paid for it. Even more, my colleagues said how much they loved my work which has been quite insightful.

I wasn’t sure in which of my blogs to publish this, but once I started thinking about it, I thought well this realisation has come from Change Differently so I shall publish it in my OD blog. At the end of the day one thing I’ve learnt through my years of writing and putting thoughts to paper (or computer) is that language makes a massive difference and makes what we say have different impact. When I write things come from my heart, from my values and my perspective.

I love writing so thank you for always reading.



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