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What are you good at?

This is the first instalment from my inspiration and learning points whilst attending the ODN Europe conference here at Roffey Park. They are not just for Organisation Development (OD) practitioners, some of these learning points apply to different aspects on life. Today’s post is a great example of it.

Today before the conference we had the privilege of hearing from Mee-Yan Cheung Judge, Jean Neumann and John Scheret at the Fireside Chat. One of the questions that our panellists were asked was about what are they good at. As much as I found their answers very interesting there were a couple of things that came to my mind about how very important this question is for anyone helping organisations in their journey to success.

Another great question asked by one of the panellists as a self-reflection question was “what am I called to contribute to this world?”

These two questions left me wondering as an OD professional what do they mean to me? What do they mean to other people? I think working from a place of purpose is so powerful and I think these two questions are key to that. As a practitioner I would recommend anyone in any field to ask themselves these two questions, and not just today, but check back every 6 months or so as the answers may have changed.

So what am I good at? Well when talking about OD and working with my clients past and present I think I would describe myself as good at being quite vocal of what I think, and trying to do the best for the client even when they are not sure it’s the best thing for them. I am good at questioning the status quo and providing thought provoking insight.

What am I called to contribute to this world? Ah, a fundamental question. Not just about OD, but about life. I have been on a personal journey the last 12 months on discovering or rediscovering my purpose. I want to help people live better lives, whether this is through my OD work by providing them a better organisation to work for, or by inspiring people to be the change they want to see or just by inspiring people to dream again through my other hats (I have many).

It was interesting to hear one of the panellist talk about legacy and the type of legacy we want to leave, they also referred to OD people as idealist and I think these two statements are very true. I think it is something most OD people I know have within them, a sense of purpose behind their work that is part of what makes this field so special.

So whether you work in OD or not, I challenge you to ask yourself these two questions. Figure out if you’re in alignment with yourself, this is always a great step to self-awareness, and to any future changes within yourself to reach your real potential and achieve the life you desire.

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