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Monthly Archives: May, 2015

From tradition to experimenting new approaches

The second day of the ODN Europe conference was definitely full of food for thought. It was really hard to pick on topic but like a good OD practitioner I found a theme in the thoughts that were going on in my head. I think it was like living the OD journey, honouring the foundation …

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Digital OD

Today has been another great day at Roffey Park at the ODN Europe Conference. We had a great keynote speaker and all the sessions definitely had light bulb moments. I had a bit of reflection time of what I wanted to focus this blog post on, and I decided to focuses it on a very …

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What are you good at?

This is the first instalment from my inspiration and learning points whilst attending the ODN Europe conference here at Roffey Park. They are not just for Organisation Development (OD) practitioners, some of these learning points apply to different aspects on life. Today’s post is a great example of it. Today before the conference we had …

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