Sustainable OD

A blog dedicated to the wonderfull field of Organisation Development

Welcome to my blog – Sustainable OD

First of all welcome to this blog! This blog is dedicated to the field of Organisation Development (OD for short). As a practitioner I will be picking one topic a month to blog on and share with you my thoughts, concerns, and experiences in this field. I will also explore some theories I have found useful, how to use theoretical models in practice, and touch upon sister social science fields such as: psychology, employee engagement, economics and how they link to my idea of Sustainable OD.

So as a start I will start by explaining my idea of sustainable OD and how this blog has come into existence.

Sustainable OD (in my head) looks at using OD in organisations to help them focus their energies on people centred change to create long term sustainable organisational success. It transfers the knowledge to clients and helps develop their organisation, it doesn’t create sustainable change (as in just one cycle of change whose objective is to then stabilise an organisational issue)… it creates continuous learning within the client’s organisation and capability for cultural changes that will drive long term success.

With this in mind… why did I feel I had to write about this in a blog? Well, there are many reasons which I will share with you in 2014, but to start of with is I am passionate about this field. I recently got myself a mentor who heard me talking about why I so firmly believe in looking at OD interventions not as short term actions, but focusing on the long term plans of organisations, and he in his wisdom recommended to start writing a blog with my personal thoughts, ideas and concerns of consulting in this area.

The passion? Well this is what this 1st post is about not only introducing the blog, but also telling you my story of how I came to be so passionate about the field. Back in University one of our modules was OD, we had this subject over the course of a year. My teacher, Vicente Fregoso, was a practitioner himself. He taught us the theory of OD, the ethics behind such practice, the core values and humanistic principles behind it, and got us to go out into the field and see the power of this discipline at work. He was so passionate it was contagious! We never missed a class, not even the 2nd semester when it was on a Saturday at 7am, which for any university student is really early. For me, a lot of what I learnt made sense, I always loved the clinical side of psychology and OD was a nice mix of clinical and business psychology put together and it was being able to help leaders, people, and organisations to become successful.

In my experience so far, I have come to label myself as a “traditionalist” ODist. Sustainable OD is not new. The focus has always been on the long term, however, times have made leaders many times focus on short term gains… and this is why and how this blog has come to be. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Well done on sharing your first post. And what a good point you raise! Too much time is spent in organisations thinking short term. Often it’s a reaction to the challenging circumstances they find themselves in during such economic times – a fight for survival! But the outcome is often a short termism that is damaging in so many ways. What are your thoughts for practitioners looking to convince others of how to implement sustainable strategies when the wolf is banging on their door. Would make a great next post! 🙂

    • Thank you Ali! I will sure be talking about short termism vs long term strategies, but you are right about organisations feeling like they are trapped against the wall many times. This is why I think for us as facilitators of change, we should be making sure to help our clients (whether internal or external) to refocus. So yes, will consider adding tips about this.

  2. Well done Cinthya, I’m so pleased to see you put this blog out there. I love the subject matter and think there are some fabulous discussions to be had. I really do look forward to following you and seeing how this grows – it certainly deserves to!

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